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Full 1 Year Membership - $480/Member OR $600/Member +1

Full membership provides full access to all services/benefits/programs and activities that Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN) provides for 1 year, without restriction to frequency, but based on availability of volunteers.  Currently this would include:

1.  Volunteer provided services.

Volunteers will be background screened, oriented and trained to provide services.   Transportation will be provided locally within approximately 20 miles of member homes. Regional transportation will be provided for medical appointments in Roanoke, Lynchburg, Greensboro, NC, Durham, NC, Charlottesville and Gretna.  A mileage charge will be billed to members to offset volunteer transportation.

2.  Provision of a resource directory that outlines additional services and resources available to seniors in Franklin County. NHN will strive to assist members with identification of services such as health information, home care, consumer information & protection, public benefits, grief and bereavement, hospice and palliative care, recreation, etc.  

3.  A daily check-in call from a volunteer or staff will be placed to each member, if desired.  

4.  A weekly friendly visit is available, if requested.  

NHN offers its members a central place to turn for help and information.  Members will be able to turn to NHN for help, rather than ask favors of friends or family.  With NHN, members will be able to “pay their own way” independently and economically.

NHN membership also gives peace of mind to out-of-town family members who now know their loved ones are connected and cared for.

It is anticipated that membership levels and services will be expanded in the near future.